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Intro to Oil Painting 6 week class series

I am so excited to be able to offer these classes! We will be hands on, learning in a low pressure, fun environment, with a focus on building fundamental skills/understanding. The tools we will be learning will be applicable to many art modalities, though we will be practicing with oil paint. Color will be our starting point. We'll spend time exploring... understanding how to mix it, the effects that it has, and why it matters. Then we will move into really looking and translating... painting what we see vs what we know. We will also explore composition, hierarchy, and breakdown what we are drawn to in the art that we enjoy. This is not a cookie - cutter course. My goal is to support each individual where they are at, and help them to move towards their own goals, whatever they may be. There will be opportunity to paint from life, as well as from reference photos.


Space in each class is limited. 

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